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The Head of this Unit is Dr. Carlos Vergés.  The most significant aspects here are related to the incorporation of new extraction systems based upon  micropulsed ultrasound with microincision techniques surgery  (MICS) and the replacement of the crystalline lens by intraocular lenses that correct presbyopia  (literally means "aging eye").

The purpose of this Unit is to provide a treatment for cataracts through less traumatic techniques and thus allowing safer surgery, faster eye recovery and better functional rehabilitation; since we can implant lenses that allow, in many cases, the eventual elimination of glasses, for both far and near vision.

Microincisional  Cataract Surgery is particularly indicated in patients with pre-existing ocular diseases, like those affecting the corneal endothelium and, in general, in all processes in which intraocular surgery could make them worse. This surgery respects the internal structures of the eye and gets almost immediate recovery of vision, allowing in some cases to consider the surgery on both eyes in the same surgical procedure.


Cirugía Bilateral de la Catarata


Cirugía de las Catarata



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