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The head of this unit is Ramon Sola, optical optometrist specializing in contact lens clinic, which has held since 1986. The aim of this unit is to provide an adequate advice to the use of contact lenses in both the cases where the visual compensation can be performed only following this option compensation, as in the user based on his visual compensation using contact lens.


- One of the specialties of this unit is the rehabilitation for people who have had to stop wearing contact lenses for various reasons.
- From the union of ophthalmologic service and specialized contact lens service, a comprehensive study is carried out to solve the case with contact lenses to the needs or interests of the patient. It may also be necessary to input data analysis tear or other aspects related to diseases of the anterior pole of the eye, to help provide a solution compatible with the use of contact lenses.


Previous adaptations or alternatives to refractive surgery

           -Also highlights the contact lens fitting in permanent use regime, aimed at people who for various reasons can not or should not be treated surgically your refractive error, but requested an alternative to the traditional use of glasses and / or lenses contact.
           -Adjustments are also made as part of the preoperative diagnosis of both cataract and refractive surgery.

Pediatric fittings

            Specialist adaptations in infants and children with eye problems that require visuo such optical compensation. More specific techniques of this unit:

Adaptation of contact lenses or corneal transplants corneal changes SEVERE (eg keratoconus)

contact lens use as a dressing or medicament reservoir, medically indicated.

- Cosmetic lenses: lenses that maintain an aesthetic symmetrical, in case of certain eye diseases: aniridias, walleye, trauma ...

For further information or to request replacement of contact lenses:




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