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Ocular surface dry eye

The grittiness when opening and closing the eyes is more common in women and coinciding with the hormonal changes of menopause characteristic of some of the most common eye symptom tables, the "Dry Eye Syndrome"

The Head of this Unit is Dr. Carlos Verges. This Unit is new in ophthalmology and is the result of  the needs of today's society.  It includes diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndromes, chronic conjunctivitis and inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis), allergies and immunologic processes, corneal infections, where a quick response is required to detect the causative agent (PCR microbiological study) and all new systems of selective corneal transplantation (lamellar,  anterior, posterior and endothelial transplants).

The main innovation of this Unit is the biological treatment (derived from blood plasma and stem cells),  of processes that affect the ocular surface, so prevalent in our environment  on account of an aggressive air pollution, confined spaces,  chemical fumes and other factors such as hormonal changes in women and unhealthy eating habits.

Síndrome del Ojo Seco



Disfunción de las glándulas de Meibomio


Síndrome del Ojo Seco

Tratamiento del Queratocono con Crosslinking

Tratamientos del Queratocono


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