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Nowadays presbyopia can be treated in a safe an effective manner but a previous diagnosis is necessary to assess the causes that produce it, different in each patient, and thus establishing the most effective treatment strategy in each case, although, with an ophthalmologist  specialized in this type of treatment.

What is Presbyopia.

Presbyopia (farsightedness) is a progressive loss of near vision. It starts at 40-45 years and is due to physiological impairment of the eye's focusing mechanism, also called, accommodative system.

The accommodative system works by activating different structures of the eye, since the signal generated in the brain that requires the proper functioning of the retina and the nerve pathway connecting the brain and eye, to the action of the cilliary muscle, change in the crystalline shape, iris contraction and convergence of the eyes, a multifactorial mechanism.

This fact, next vision involves several factors, implies we need to analyze those factors that are most altered when presbyopia appear, which is not given equally to all people, so the treatment will be different in each patient.

How presbyopia is analyzed.

Currently we have very effective methods to study presbyopia, from the analysis of the accommodative range, aberrometry of the optical systems, to analyze changes in density of the lens by means Scheimpflug imaging and optical coherence ( OCT). With the data of the diagnostic study we can choose the most effective treatment strategy for each patient.

Options for presbyopia treatment.

There is no single treatment for all people suffering from presbyopia. Sometimes just eye drops can improve the depth of focus and near vision, in other cases we can restore accommodation with vision therapy exercises aimed at strengthening the cilliary muscle and the power of the lens.

A second level of treatment is that which uses the excimer laser to shape the cornea modeling a lens on the eye surface. We can also introduce a lens in the cornea, as InVue or KANRA systems. Another option is multifocal intraocular lenses and finally the newest scleral implants, to enhance the action of the ciliary muscle and the crystalline.

It is necessary to evaluate each patient to establish the more effective and safe  treatment strategy and sometimes will be one of the options above or combining two or more of them . To decide this strategy and its implementation to be successful is mandatory a very experienced team in presbyopia with the technology necessary for its study and treatment and also an ophthalmologist with experience in all options to treat presbyopia.

Treatment of presbyopia has reached a level of complexity that requires skilled experts in refractive surgery, cataract, corneal implants and management of scleral and especially in visual perception, which is unusual in most eye centers.

Area Oftalmológica Avanzada has a long experience in presbyopia, incorporating the technology necessary for diagnosis and treatment and a team of professionals led by Dr Carlos Verges to help resolve presbyopia effectively and safely.

Methods for presbyopia treatment:

- Pharmacological ( eye drops)
- Visual Therapy
- Excimer Laser
- Corneal Implants (KAMRA, InVue)
- Multifocal Intraocular lenses
- Scleral implants ( Refocus )


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