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Dr. Carlos Vergés and Dr. Carlos Vergés share the responsibility of this Unit.  Here, we perform refractive treatments (myopia, hypermetropy and astigmatism) and correct presbyopia (eye disorder related to age) and we have achieved maximum efficiency and lowest risk by providing the Unit with the latest technology in diagnostic systems:  aberrometry , corneal biomechanics, high-definition CT and other systems to find the best indication in each case.

It is important to know that refractive surgery is not always performed with laser, sometimes it is necessary to use other solutions alternatively such as phakic intraocular lenses, in case of high graduation or when the cornea does not have the required thickness. In other cases,  pseudophakic IOLs are another alternative, especially for patients using a graduation to correct  both problems:  far vision and  near vision because of the age (presbyopia).  In these cases,  the best option is a procedure similar to cataract’s,  by which we implant a lens that corrects both the far and near vision defects;  the target is to prevent  this patient  from wearing eyeglasses.

The last advance in refractive surgery is the so-called "corneal inlay" which is in fact a tiny lens, (approximately 3 mm diameter), and is inserted  within the tissue of the cornea, without opening the eye or "biting" (ablate) the corneal tissue. The great advantage of this implant, besides being a minimally invasive technique,  is that it is fully reversible, since in case of failing to obtain the desired result, the lens can be removed, leaving the eye in the condition it was before surgery.


LASIK technique
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