Área Oftalmológica Avanzada Dr. Vergés . C/Dalmases 42, 08017 Barcelona     |     93 551 33 00     |     info@cverges.com
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The Head of Unit is Dr. Carlos Vergés.

For years we have been treating elite athletes and sport amateurs in general and therefore observing closely the needs of this group. This long experience have allowed us  create a specific Unit  for Vision and Sports, where we study the visual ability of each athlete and evaluate ways to improve specific aspects such as, reflexes, reaction time, peripheral vision and other key factors for better results and practise sports more safely.

In this Unit , we also place special emphasis on vision and driving, on the analysis of visual conditions for drivers of cars and motorcycles.  Although our activity started with racing drivers, we have seen that many of the same actions that could help them,  could be also of great help out of the competition.  Consequently,  we are working with  the National Traffic Institute and participating at other road safety projects such as the ROSA project (Road safety) at national and international levels.


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