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Advanced Oftalmologica opponent, Dr. Verges, cooperates in Barcelona everything you referente in ophthalmology with the Aseguradora Adeslas Segurcaixa or medical insurance from more than 10 years ago. This center consists of a team of ophthalmology nine doctors ophthalmologists capacitados stops serve ALL patients Adeslas Segurcaixa,

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History Adeslas Segurcaixa,

"Adeslas Spain's leading private sector Healthcare, a specialist in health insurance, and the provision of health services. Nation more than 40 years ago and since then has Ido e igualatorios Provinciales INCORPORANDO Diversas Company or its regional structure.

In 1990, Grupo Agbar itself became the largest shareholder and Adeslas them during Siguientes years and continues adquiriendo absorbiendo more aseguradoras, culminando the most importante del proceso concentrations seguro de salud en España.

In 2002 comienzos Agbar and Malakoff Médéric (social welfare group headquartered in France) formalizaron an alliance, the French mutual mediante which I acquire a 45% stake in Adeslas in 2005. In this way Agbar continued as a socio mayoritario shares with 54.79%.

In June 2010 a Criteria adquiere Agbar ya Malakoff Médéric 99.77% of the share capital of Adeslas for fusionarla in Segurcaixa, Insurance Company of non-life Segurcaixa Holding (then VidaCaixa Group), Grupo insurer "la Caixa "Integrated Criteria CaixaCorp.

Since July 2011, the Company is Property of Mutua Madrileña (50%) and VidaCaixa Group (49.9%), Grupo insurer of "la Caixa" Now integrated into CaixaBank.

Segurcaixa Adeslas operated ramos them in Health, Hogar Cars, Accidents and the rest ramos non-life. "

The whole information about expuesta Adeslas Segurcaixa has been extracted from the www.adeslassegurcaixa.es page and has not been modified in Geen ways. It entiende that the properties routed.


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