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Advanced Oftalmologica Area, Dr Verges, works in Barcelona on everything related to ophthalmology with medical mutual insurance company or mutual Agrupació for over 10 years. This ophthalmology center consists of a team of nine doctors ophthalmologists trained to care for all patients Agrupació Mutual

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Mutua Agrupació definde as

"Agrupació, insurance specialists for people who have the professionalism and dedication of 450 employees, 650 advisors and mediators and over 20,000 doctors since 1902 provides insurance coverage staff forecast (Health, Accident, Death, Dependency, Life , Savings and Pensions) and various branches (Home, Auto, Communities, etc..), with more than 325,000 insured and contracted more than 500,000 policies.


The origins

The July 12, 1902 was founded Agrupació Mútua of Commerce and Industry of Figueres, with sixty members, organized as mutual aid mutual nonprofit. At the time of its founding, the social objective of the entity, as defined in Article 2 of the regulation was to "gather lots among all individuals whenever death occurs in any of these, to give to the people close to the deceased partner. "

Mutual Agrupació of Commerce and of the Industry, along with other mutual funds mutual aid, pioneered the modern mutualism to respond to a situation of lack of social protection in some early twentieth century when Spain was far from the pace of European development , in a crisis of identity for the loss of the last colonies and a health and social care on the part of public authorities, totally absent.


From 1921 to 1936 he lived a number of experiences that taught the body to cope with the difficulties and that served to consolidate to a future that was interrupted by the war. Despite this, he always made an effort to maintain the normal operation of the entity, even though, in many instances, this was not easy or possible. From 1936-1939, Agrupació Mútua covered the general rights of the partners, regardless of the side on which they had been.


From 1940-1959 it underwent a period of economic imbalance due to the crisis caused by the war, but parallel steps were taken for increasing the number of partners, which worked. In 1958 it reached 50,000 members.

The final consolidation and growth

From 1960-1975 Agrupació Mútua was cemented as a great social welfare mutual 61147-167684 passing of partners. The years between 1976-1984 were of political transition in the country and with the enactment in 1984 of the Law on regulation of private insurance for Mutual Agrupació, year which exceeded 250,000 members.

This Act 33/84 of August 2 demanded a certain level of solvency, which meant maintaining a minimum mutual funds and reserves that covered techniques insured benefits. These requirements were mutualism old order and a new period of transition and legal transformation that will materialize in 1992, new statutes. The new legal status as a mutual insurance and reinsurance fixed premium shall be ratified by the extraordinary 1993 and approved by the Department of Insurance in 1994.

S. XXI, faithfulness and modernity

In the late twentieth century, changes in the modern economy Mútua Agrupació demanded to discern the key points that were of mutualism and those cornered by obsolete time. With the maintenance of the former and overcome the latter was created, at the entrance of the century, a mutual insurance group and fully trained to meet new challenges, consisting of over 400,000 members and customers, which offers an extensive range of services and personnel provision products. Agrupació Mutual is the usual, but established professional standards and open to the demands of the times.

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