Área Oftalmológica Avanzada Dr. Vergés . C/Dalmases 42, 08017 Barcelona     |     93 551 33 00     |     info@cverges.com
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Advanced Oftalmologica Area, Dr Verges, works in Barcelona on everything related to ophthalmology with the insurer or medical mutual Fiatc Insurance for over 10 years. This ophthalmology center consists of a team of nine doctors ophthalmologists trained to care for all patients Fiatc Insurance

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Fiatc History of insurance

Early related to transportation

Years 30, a revolutionary new transportation economy: motortruck. Catalan Carriers need to address their accidents. FIATC born, the Federal Motor Carrier Industrial de Catalunya which will disappear with the Civil War, but not another's, who continue to serve.

60s car boom

In the 60s two situations FIATC set the course: the automobile boom will democratize the car and the emergence of compulsory insurance. At the same time, a new law will prevent mutual associations are linked to mutual accidents. FIATC focus its activity on car insurance.

80, the change

In the 80s it was a mutual FIATC specializing in cars and very localized in Catalonia. The new address of the entity boost business throughout the country and the creation of new products at the same time strengthen the business structure.

Medifiatc Health Insurance: Your health wants peace

Your health does not understand or waiting times, and know what it means that with your co-pay for health insurance Medifiatc can visit any of our centers of medical professionals and medical staff for awards, visits, tests, interventions and treatments without additional payments , with the advantages of freedom, time and convenience of private medicine and ensuring mutual Spain third.

Your health is in your day to day, so the insurance coverage and health services Medifiatc looking to improve your well-being and quality of life

Find plus benefits FIATC Health Club included in the health insurance Medifiatc.

In addition to health insurance Medifiatc have second medical opinion, the number of uninsured discounts and payment and eliminate or reduce waiting periods if you come from another entity.

Do not hesitate and health insurance contracts Medifiatc

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