Área Oftalmológica Avanzada Dr. Vergés . C/Dalmases 42, 08017 Barcelona     |     93 551 33 00     |     info@cverges.com
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Advanced Oftalmologica Area, Dr Verges, works in Barcelona on everything related to ophthalmology with HNA medical mutual insurance company or for more than 10 years. This ophthalmology center consists of a team of nine doctors ophthalmologists trained to care for all patients of HNA,

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HNA history,

For more than 65 years, Sister protect your well-being and that of your family. Consisting of Architects, today provides collective Sr. Architects and the Chemical, following the recent merger between the two mutuals, a service exclusive products, both professionally and personally, as well as other professional groups and individuals that require a high degree of protection.

An Entity nonprofit insurer in which participating mutual economic benefits, thereby increasing the constantly changing insurance solutions, innovative and appropriate to an ever-changing social reality and personal needs of their policyholders.

Sr. Group consists of a set of continuous strategic corporate expansion. Because we work for peace of mind, there are more than 9 million customers trust us.

Sr. Group guarantees protection in the short and medium term, the individual, his family and his heritage through a wide range of insurance and financial services. They belong to the group:

Sr. Mutual: forecasting solutions and fully customized protection. In 2010 it merged with Chemical Mutual giving birth to Brotherhood Sister Superior National Architects and Chemicals

Sr. Insurance Broker: The best protection for your business and personal assets

Sr. Pension Management: development specialists Pension Plans

Sr Corporate Services: services "outsourcing" to insurance companies and companies

Managed Sister: optimizes saving customers through a personalized and independent financial advice

A large group solvency guarantees, service, transparency, experience and commitment.

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