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Advanced Oftalmologica Area, Dr Verges, works in Barcelona on everything related to ophthalmology with the insurer or medical mutual Catalunya General Mutual for over 10 years. This ophthalmology center consists of a team of nine doctors ophthalmologists trained to care for all patients Mutua General de Catalunya,

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History of Mutua General de Catalunya,

1984 Born in the heart of Catalan civil society Hospital Mutua General de Catalunya insurer nonprofit. Unlike commercial entities, the Mútua not born with the intention to distribute dividends among a group of shareholders, but in order to reinvest the profits to always offer more and better services to mutuals sole owners of the entity.

1987 The Mutual amounted to over 20,000 policyholders.

1989 December - Mutual Group is integrated into Mútua sighted General de Catalunya, thus initiating the process of merging with other mutual funds in order to lead a movement for renewal of mutualism Catalan.

1990 He moved the headquarters of Sant Cugat and Barcelona, ​​Tuset Street 36.

1994 February - Sant Jordi Mutual Mutual integrates with General de Catalunya.

December - Faust Sant Montepío integrates into Mutua General de Catalunya.

1996 is produced corporate name change: from Mutua General de Catalunya Hospital Mutua General de Catalunya. The Minister of Labour of the Generalitat de Catalunya opened the current headquarters in the street Tuset 5-11.

1997 December - Charitable Federation Santa Maria de Gracia is integrated into Mutua General de Catalunya.

1998 July 27 - Inauguration of Foundation facilities Mutua General de Catalunya, with the presence of the minister of Justicia de la Generalitat de Catalunya. The same year, the Foundation organizes the First Week of Prevention and receive Health Interest Recognition awarded by the Institute of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Inauguration of the first branch of the Mutual in Igualada. The mayor of this town and the director general of the Social Security preside over the opening ceremony.

1999 Mutua General de Catalunya, always attentive to the possibilities of communication and service that give new technologies, launched his first Internet portal.

June 17 - The Minister of Labour of the Government of Catalonia and Girona Mayor preside over the opening of offices in this town Mútua

December - Social Previsió dels Mutual of Journalists of Catalonia is integrated into Mutua General de Catalunya.

2000 February 1 - start acting Mutual office in Lleida.

March 9 - The Minister of Economy and Finance of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the mayor of Tarragona preside over the opening of the offices of the Mutual in this locality.

2001 June - Putting the Health Internet Portal, which provides access to the best sites with information on health issues facing patients.

June - Mutua General de Catalunya joins Groupe APRI, Paris-based association that welcomes social economy organizations at European level.

2002 June - The Mutual, continuing his line of development and modernization, renews its image, redesigning their symbol and logo. The simplification and smoothing of the shape match with current aesthetic trends.

December - The Mutual amounted to over 65,000 policyholders.

2003 May 8 - Don Manuel Aran, president of Mutua General de Catalunya, receives the Minister of Economy and Finance of the Generalitat, Hon. Mr. Francesc Homs, the medal Security Development in Catalonia.

June 16 - The Board of Directors of the Mutual agrees to appoint Mr. Don Joan Guitart i Agell new president of the organization.

2004 September - commercial office opens Palamos.

December - The Mutual amounted to over 74,000 policyholders.

2005 January - The Mutual formalizes the appointment of Ms. M. Eugenia Mutualista Basin as Advocate.

October - The Mutual organizes technical seminar "complementary and regional investment Retirement: cohesion and development tools." The Mutualitat St. Dorothy of Social Previsió Mútua integrated into General de Catalunya.

December - The Mutual amounted to over 78,000 policyholders.

2006 March - The Mutua General de Catalunya opened a new office in Sabadell Mutual Support.

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