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PRIVATE FOUNDATION's DOCTOR CARLOS VERGÉS main goal is to promote the study and development of all procedures that are related to ophthalmology, especially those that are aimed at improving the knowledge of vision and fight blindness. This initiative will help raise funds to develop lines of research, prevention campaigns of the major diseases that can cause blindness, and the ability to finance certain special cases that due to their gravity or complexity can not be treated in other centers.

To accomplish these goals, the following means are available:

- Human Resources.

- Seminars, workshops, conferences, intended for raising awareness about all the progress made by the Foundation, other public and private organizations, and specialists on the subject.

- Postgraduate courses in collaboration with the Universities of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Catalonia Polytechnic University, University of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) and Harvard University in Boston (USA).


People eligible for the Foundation's services and benefits are all those who are affected by an eye injury that somehow partially or totally deprived them of vision.

The Board shall verify that the recipients meet the requirements.


The Foundation is financed by:

1-   Any person or entity can make contributions and donations in its favor.

2. - The income to repay the costs of the services contributed by its recipients.

3. - The inheritances, bequests and other testamentary disposition in its favor, must be accepted in any case benefit of inventory.

4. - The income derived from the exploitation of its heritage.

5. - The grants, preferential loans and other type of help received from any entity, public or private, regional or state government and even the European Economic Union, or any other private organization.

If you want to make an appointment or have questions please complete the form with all details and we will contact you at the earliest opportunity.