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Low vision and visual therapy



In the section of our webpage where we explain what Área Oftalmológica Avanzada is about, we said that it is a health care center dedicated to ophthalmology and vision; this dual concept is what makes us and our activity different from other ophthalmology centers or related to vision. The latter mentioned generally associated with optometry and in the case of the former mentioned focused exclusively on eye diseases.

In our department of ophthalmology, we combine the two activities, which are related to eye diseases and aimed at delivering improved vision through special support (Low Vision) and rehabilitation exercises and visual therapy. This conjugation of elements is an essential asset to achieve maximum effectiveness of the mechanisms of vision in our patients and.

Often patients who come to our clinic suffer from cataracts as well as other diseases, such as diabetes. In these cases, when vision is deficient for retinal damage, cataract surgery is necessary, and an intraocular lens is implanted specifically for these eyes; then we will try to recover the maximum vision with special glasses (loupes or other systems) and a therapy to enhance contrast sensitivity. First, we need a low vision expert team and later a treatment developed by the Visual Therapy Unit. In this way, we try to cover all aspects of vision, aimed at getting the most out of vision, but always from the perspective of medicine, ophthalmology. Thus, along with the team of ophthalmologists specialized in different parts of the visual apparatus in our Ophthalmology Department, there are optometry professionals who work in both Low Vision and Visual Therapy units.



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  Low Vision and Visual Therapy