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FAQ in pediatric ophthalmology


Lists the questions most frequently performed ophthalmic patients. The list is due to be collected over the years by trade issues that matter most to our patients, as what is conjunctivitis, what should I do when my child one eye deviates, what a lazy eye, why cover one eye and, much more.


- What is conjunctivitis?
- What are the most common causes of conjunctivitis?
- How frequent eye allergies in children?
- What are the most common signs or visible in conjunctivitis?
- What is congenital glaucoma?
- What is retinoblastoma?
- Why do you cover one eye to children?
- Is it possible to cure a squint eye exercises?
- Do all just being operated strabismus?
- Why is my son's eyes when he looks deviates laterally and has well when looking straight ahead?
- What do I do with a child who would lagrimea eye continuously?
- My son opened some eyes, it seems like you're always sleepy. Is that normal?
- What should I do if my child has a white spot in the eye?
- What if my child was born prematurely?
- What to do if my child I can not really see?
- My son eyes move laterally pendulum. Is it normal?
- My son always has his eyes closed, as if he resented the light. What happens?
- Does my child complains of seeing lights and black spots?
- What is Dyslexia and how it relates to the view?
- What is a lazy eye?
- How can we detect the presence of amblyopia?
- Do they regain some exercises for amblyopia?
- Do eye exercises can improve performance in sport?
- Do eye exercises can improve the situation of a child with Down syndrome?
- Can perform laser surgery in infancy?
- When should we start reviews for the eyes?
- Eye diseases are inherited many?

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  FAQ in pediatric ophthalmology