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During 5-9 October was held in Amsterdam the XXXI European Congress of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, a meeting with more than 10,000 ophthalmologists from around the world and where Dr Carlos Verges has played an important role providing expertise in the session's highlights.

It is not my intention to summarize everything that happened in the congress but I think it is interesting to comment on the most innovative and relevant.

In cataract surgery were provided with the latest laser technology, new platforms ranging improving outcomes and appear as a great alternative for the future but not yet provide real advantages over high frequency pulsed ultrasound systems, especially because its cost is estimated at around 900 euros more about the cost of ultrasound.

One of the highlights in the cataract surgery was the advantages of the intervention of both eyes in the same session, bilateral surgery, and in which we participate with extensive experience of more than five years. The results are very encouraging and with a level of safety comparable to when we perform eye surgery in separate days. One of the main advantages of bilateral surgery is rapid recovery of the patient, both to adapt to the new vision, specially with multifocal lens as in the functional rehabilitation of patients, on average one week to recover normal life a great difference compared to 3 or 4 weeks is required when doing one eye and the other eye with one week in-between.

In the section of intraocular lenses was remarkable good results with trifocals IOLs, with better visual quality than other types of multifocal lenses, something that we join because our experience fully agrees. We reported our studies on dynamic vision and motion perception with these lenses, showing superior results regarding other diffractive multifocal lens designs.

One of the topics of most interest is the new computing systems for intraocular lens calculation, with various sessions and panel discussions where we presented our experience with optical interferometry systems and formulas. With new technologies and well-trained staff we can get the power of the lens will fit very well to the needs of each patient, eliminating the need for glasses in most cases , something especially important in patients with previous refractive surgery and now with the necessity of cataract surgery, patients that continue asking not to wear glasses after this intervention.

For those patients asking for refractive surgery that cannot be treated with laser new developments with intraocular lenses are a very good alternative with the, new ICL as a gold standard. "The new ICL appear as a very safe and effective solution", according to Dr. Zaldivar (Argentina), one of the fathers of this lens.

Treating presbyopia also was one of the key subjects in this congress. The new profiles of excimmer laser ablation, intracorneal lenses and scleral implants, offer new alternatives with results of very high efficacy and safety. The conclusion reached is that there is no single solution for all patients, it is necessary to study each case and see what is the most appropriate procedure even the combination of more than one alternative.

It deserves a full stop scleral implants, which have the advantage of improving near vision without compromising distance vision and stereopsis as other procedures that use monovision or treat only one eye. In our center we started with this type of treatment (Refocus) and really get promising results.

I would like to end this summary transmitting a message that we all share in this conference is the fact that even though technology increasingly provides better solutions is critical handling by the ophthalmologist, is the doctor who guides the machine. The decision, implementation and control of the results, including possible complications, depend on the doctor.


Dr. Verges with Dr. Haigis, one of the top experts in the methods of calculation intraocular lenses power.



Dr. Verges with Dr. Soloway, medical director scleral implant project for the treatment of presbyopia (Refocus).