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Dr Carlos Verges

Area Oftalmológica Avanzada Director


One of the most common causes of eye irritation is conjunctivochalasis, a condition not always diagnostic or treated properly. The conjuntivcalasia is a process of the bulbar conjunctiva, it loses adherence to deep layers, the sclera, and flashing the more flaccid, forming folds on the free edge of the lower eyelid, as shown in the photo.


Conjunctivochalasis where there are conjunctival folds on the free edge of the lower eyelid (asterisk) in A, and stained with fluorescein and cobalt light B.


This disorder causes changes in the anterior surface and disorders in the tear film, a dry eye syndrome, with discomfort, foreign body sensation, burning and even blurred vision (click for more).

Treatment includes artificial tears and lubricating gels, but in many cases it is not enough to eliminate the discomfort and then surgery is necessary, the problem is that besides the discomfort is always a surgical procedure, the results were not quite good , we can eliminate the excess conjunctiva but not getting fix then, folds and discomfort reappear again.

Currently the situation has changed, the onset of bioadhesives allows fixing the conjunctiva and reduce surgical trauma, and has some anti-inflammatory and coagulant effects, eliminating the need for sutures.

In our center, Area oftalmologica Avanzada, we have previous experience with this surgery and now we have modified the technique, performing the excision of the conjunctiva in the lower region, the area that is covered by the eyelid, so the patient will not have discomfort or aesthetic problems during the healing process. Recovery is almost immediate, the patient returned to his daily activity at 24 hours and no sutures must be removed.

This link show the video of our surgical technique. The results are very good, with less postoperative discomfort and symptoms improved very significantly, so we recommend when medical treatment is not fully effective, in these cases do not seek other alternatives, we propose this surgery for high efficiency, safety and rapid recovery.