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New advances in retinal implants ARGUS II

Encouraging results with the Argus II retinal implant. The 19 implanted patients showed improved vision and good ocular tolerance of the device.

In the first months of 2013 have been publish some results of the study Argus II with retinal implants and I think it is worth making a short review because they are downright encouraging.

Recall that these are patients with total blindness, even light perception, patients with retinitis pigmentosa, in which this system has been implemented. All patients (19 patients), showed an improvement in functional vision, were able to distinguish letters or even read short sentences and they all said to orientate in a small space such as a room or follow a route marked with a line white.



Clearly, the degree of vision obtained is still very small but it is important that all patients have some degree of vision and complications have been minimal appeared, tolerance of the implant is very good.

For those who want to know more about it and follow the development of the ARGUS II and the evolution of the implanted patients, I recommend the website of the company that sells, Second Sight Medical Products, Inc,



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