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Successful adaptation to contact lenses (LC) multifocal: Prolonged use as a technique for functional satisfaction

Furthermore, the values ​​we measure for possible optical compensation , it is important to emphasize the fact that, since the A process which starts , in terms of accommodation as Donders , from 15-16 years and can also be a functional adaptation from a change in habits ( text away ,...
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The end of Summer is the time of year with the highest rate of decompensation of ocular disorders already suffering illness. A visit to the ophthalmologist can avoid many disappointments

After the summer we return to our daily routine, normal. Summer is a time when we relax , that's what 's up , and relax as we say , " off ." This is good but only for a time and then knowing that to do a review to see how we started well and " the course ."   Ophthalmologists know that after...
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