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We are finishing the spring and soon will enter the summer times where they often appear eye problems, especially those that relate to environmental issues, such as allergies, overexposure to sun, pools, etc, a set of elements that can alter eye health and especially in cases of "dry eye".

The "dry eye" is an eye process characterized by little or poor quality tears. The consequences are the direct air contact with the ocular surface and drying out, causing discomfort type grittiness, scratch the eyes, eyestrain or even something as contradictory as it appears sometimes tearing.

In the spring and especially in summer, dry eye discomfort often increase, causing real problems for those who suffer, so we think it is important to know this and know what to do to minimize its effects.

There is a group of people that we know is of greater risk to suffer an imbalance of dry eye:

- Age 60 years above
- Women
- Hormonal changes with decrease in estrogen and progesterone
- Patients after chemotherapy or radiotherapy
- Dermatological disorders such as acne rosacea
- Patients with disorders of the digestive tract (ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease)
- Important Smoking and heavy alcohol
- Treatment with antidepressants or allergy

In other cases, it is necessary to take special measures in summer for "dry eye" does not occur and cause visual problems:

- Contact lens wearers
- Intervenidos eye surgery (cataract or refractive surgery)
- Infiltration of botox in the periocular area
- Treatment of glaucoma (eye drops)

When appropriate measures are not taken, the summer heat, dry environments for air conditioners, smoke, ultraviolet radiation and dietary changes, we become more permissive. All this leads to changes in tear secretion is reduced and quality is altered. The consequences are inflammation of the ocular surface, increases the feeling of foreign body and can be altered vision.


- Dry Environments (department stores)
- Closed and smoky environments
- Direct face wind (fans)
- Avoid rubbing your eyes
- Beware of antiallergic drugs and antidepressants
- Avoid direct sun in the eye
- Avoid opening your eyes in the sea and use goggles for swimming
- Diets rich in red meat and fried

     WHAT I DO

- Use artificial tears regularly
- Environments outdoor or well-ventilated
- Eye protection if we are motorcycle
- Wear sunglasses with UV filters and frames to protect laterally
- Diets rich in omega-3

In addition to those just noted, we think the "golden rule" is to prevent the possible dry eye problems in summer, at the ophthalmologist, especially in cases that call risk groups. In these cases we recommend a visit to the eye doctor in the months of June and July to assess the state of the eyes and to establish appropriate recommendations encada case.