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The end of Summer is the time of year with the highest rate of decompensation of ocular disorders already suffering illness. A visit to the ophthalmologist can avoid many disappointments

After the summer we return to our daily routine, normal. Summer is a time when we relax , that's what 's up , and relax as we say , " off ." This is good but only for a time and then knowing that to do a review to see how we started well and " the course ."


Ophthalmologists know that after the summer is the time of year with the highest rate of ocular pathology and so we thought it was good practice to review these problems . To make it easier to understand , divide the population by age , which affect young people, age 25 , adults between 25 and 45 years and older , who already exceed 45 years.


In young people, age 25 , usual in most cases there is a greater laxity in the use of the glasses , the practice of sport and most especially the beach and pools , the glasses are uncomfortable and often not used correctly . This circumstance is not relevant during the summer but with the return to studies, returned to eyestrain , then it can be a problem , headaches and vision are unstable. We must insist on the need to re-use them correctly .


The problem of the glasses may be increased by the fact that this summer is frequent change graduation. Coinciding with physical changes " pull " that we do the review , often because the glasses , frames or glass , they hold summer graduation has changed and you adjust it to get a proper view .


A young and adults , and we often encounter problems related to the use of contact lenses , we relax in the care and often appear more irritation and damage contact lenses , making necessary a consultation with our contactòleg .


In adults aged 25 to 45 years we consultations irritation of eyes, usually secondary to excessive sun, UV radiation , requiring prompt treatment to prevent this irritation or cronifiqui not trigger the start of other problems such as dry eye . Precisely in those patients who suffer from dry eye , we find that out of the cities and the rest, improve symptoms and relax in the administration of artificial tears , so that when the holidays do not forget to end re- use them properly and reappear for the inconvenience, upset ocular surface and making the necessary consultation with the ophthalmologist .


In adults , especially those that would be between 40 and 45 years , usually appear the first signs of presbyopia , the farsightedness . Are common queries such as " doctor , I used to see up close and far, to get back to work , I feel it very difficult to do what you did before the summer ." The explanation is that it began as presbyopia , and during the summer, the relaxation of the accommodation not having the same workload has led to the presbyopia to manifest all suffer at some point our lives. In these cases we need to explore visual functions and see if there is any treatment that may slow its progression . The vision therapy with specific exercises and drops can be a good solution and in cases where it is established , you can consider laser treatments , or new intraocular lens implant scleral refocus .


For those who are already older , those exceeding 45 years , the main problem we face is the lack of proper compliance in the administration of the drugs they use. During the summer we relax when we put drops or taking medication that they recommended and the result is the imbalance of the diseases we suffer . We see very often as the review of September there are changes in intraocular pressure , increased ocular surface dryness , irritation of eyelids and worsening of cataracts.


As we see, the rate of eye problems after the holidays is very high and in some cases can have serious consequences , so we recommend a visit to the ophthalmologist to see how we visual health , graduating again and see if you need any type of action to standardize processes that usually occur in the summer . A visit time is the best prevention.


     Recommendations after the summer :

- Review the rank and status of the glasses .

- Review schedules and care of contact lenses .

- Do not trivialize an eye irritation appeared during the summer.

- Back to establishing a timetable for the drops

- Check the pressure in cases of eye Glaucoma

- Consult the ophthalmologist if there is a loss of vision.