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  • The need for glasses can be a major problem for many people, especially when it appears presbyopia (nearsightedness) or after cataract surgery, when we cannot see near or even middle distance, as computer screens . Such problems can be solved today with trifocal intraocular lenses.

One of the most common questions our patients when they exceed 45-50 years, is whether there is the possibility of eliminating the need for glasses, especially in those cases that had been previously operated of refractive surgery, like myopia, and now look like again necessary to use glasses. Unfortunately we did not have a positive response, laser surgery was contraindicated by the futures of the eye or was not fully effective in all cases.

The good news is that now the situation has changed dramatically. The appearance of trifocal intraocular lenses eliminates the need of glasses, providing a very good vision for near, far and also middle distance.

  • FineVision trifocal intraocular lens divided the light into three main focuses for near vision, intermediate and distance, which are processed in the brain so that we can focus correctly all objects at any distance, as show the figures.

The experience worldwide and in our hands is excellent, both in the "adult" already started eyestrain, as in patients who have cataract surgery. In the latter, the current trend is to operate cataracts in the early stages to avoid complications of their evolution, as increases intraocular presure that can damage the optic nerve, or complications during surgery in advances cataracts.

The combination of technological advances in surgery and these new trifocals intraocular lenses, allow achievements that until recently were unthinkable. Microincisional techniques with cold ultrasound or now with new lasers, allow high efficacy and safety, including the ability to operate both eyes in the same session (bilateral surgery), with a visual and functional recovery faster.

  • Scheme of an intraocular lens within the eye (left) and appearance of the lens after surgery with slit-lamp view (right)

Along with this good news, it is important to consider that this is a surgical procedure that is necessary to maximize the security, both in the selection criteria, the indication for surgery, having the right technology and especially, who performed surgery and follow-up.

Technology is necessary but requires a person, an experienced surgeon, to ensure the success of these type of surgery. In Area Oftalmológica Avanzada we have the most advanced technology and experts surgeons, like Dr. Verges, for this type of treatment achieving the highest degree of patient satisfaction.