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Presbyopia. Contact Lenses

For those who are not surgical interventions to a plantearse quiero, they carry resolver the problem of presbyopia THROUGH TO USE of the lenses, the tipo bien monofocal and multifocal contact lenses or monovision mediante.


In cases Ambos consiguó results are very satisfactorios, specially con las lenses of material Perito you improve oxygenation of the eye and not Requiem sacarlas during the evening periodos up to 1 month.

The price of the study of adaptations for Presbyopia Contact slow tiene a special price of 100 euros e incluye CONTACTOLOGY our visit with a visit with one of our ophthalmologists y todas las pruebas tipo necesarias para determined that contact lenses are las what better now Iran.

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Área Oftalmologica Avanzada.

I can ask for clarification cualquier nuestra página web www.cverges.com send an electronic mail, or call it info@cverges.com 93 551 33 00. If quieres las expand on coughing conocimientos Contact slow I can visit www.contactologiaclinica.com

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