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Forget the glasses once and for all and never suffer from cataracts.

In cases that can not be performed laser or when natural lens of the eye , the lens begins to be affected , it is preferable to implant an intraocular lens , such as those used in cataract surgery , either the type or monofocal mulitfocal for monovision. This surgery has the advantage that no longer need to run the falls at some stage of life.

Monovision is a widely used technique to correct presbyopia , is to leave one eye , usually the dominant, focusing distance and the nondominant , focusing closely. Each eye sends a different signal to the brain but in the areas of visual perception are fused and can see up close and far comfortably.

Although the majority of the population can adapt well , you need to perform some tests to verify this and select the most appropriate type of lens for each patient as well as the calculation of its power to maintain a proper degree of binocular vision requirements of daily life.

In Area Advanced Oftalmologica want the highest quality is available to everyone , which is why we run all the costs of financing up to 12 months . No need to change banks in convenient monthly payments.


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