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Corporate Information
Advanced Oftalmologica Area, Dr Verges, works in Barcelona on everything related to ophthalmology with the insurer or medical mutual Generali Insurance for over 10 years. This ophthalmology center consists of a team of nine doctors ophthalmologists trained to care for all patients of Generali Insurance,See our medicalHistory of Generali Insurance,1831, The Company was founded under the name... [+]
clinical Specialties
HOW TO TREAT PRESBYOPIA Nowadays presbyopia can be treated in a safe an effective manner but a previous diagnosis is necessary to assess the causes that produce it, different in each patient, and thus establishing the most effective treatment strategy in each case, although, with an ophthalmologist  specialized in this type of treatment. What is Presbyopia. Presbyopia (farsightedness)... [+]
Eye Disease
WHAT IS BLEPHARITIS? Blepharitis is the medical term for inflammation of the eyelids. The cause is often related to a malfunction of the tiny glands located in the eyelid margins, next to the eyelashes. Normally these glands produce an oily secretion that helps lubricate the eye surface and the inside of the eyelids, preventing evaporation of tears. By patients, who suffer from blepharitis,... [+]
Posterior Capsulotomy
WHAT IS POSTERIOR CAPSULOTOMY? The posterior capsulotomy is a surgical procedure that is very often performed after cataract surgery, after a few months or years, depending on the characteristics of the eye, the implanted lens and, especially, the patient's age. Cataract surgery is performed when the lens that focuses the objects on the retina, becomes cloudy.  Cataract is a clouding... [+]
Refractive errors
WHAT ARE REFRACTIVE ERRORS? To get a clear view, light rays came through the structures of the eye and are focused onto the retina membrane that lines the inner cavity of the eye. The cornea is the transparent window of the eye, with the lens being located within it (the lens), are responsible for "refract" light rays, coming from outside, arriving to get perfectly focused to the retina, on the... [+]
News & Press
Diabetic Retinopathy is the third leading cause of blindness in the Western world and has recently appeared a new combination of drugs that can help treatment (Somatostatin and Brimonidine), with the advantage that soon may be used topically, in eye drops. Diabetes is one of the major health problems now and has been said that represents a veritable epidemic of the XXI century. We know that... [+]
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