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Eye Disease
Corneal diseases and transplants
CORNEAL DISEASES AND CORNEAL TRANSPLANT WHAT IS THE CORNEA? The cornea is the most anterior part of the eye; it is transparent in order to let light in, until hitting the retina, where the visual process will begin. Diseases that directly or indirectly affect the cornea and its transparency, will interfere in the passage of light, the end result will be loss of vision.   WHAT CAN DAMAGE... [+]
Corneal erosions and abrasions
CORNEAL EROSIONS WHAT IS THE CORNEA? The cornea is the anterior, transparent part of the eye that acts as a window, letting the external light in the eye to produce the visual effect. WHAT IS CORNEAL EROSION OR ABRASION? The cornea can be scratched or damaged by several causes, such as contact lenses, a fingernail, a branch, or other objects, producing eye redness. Certain diseases of the... [+]
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