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Dr. Javier Fernández is responsible of this Unit. Reconstruction surgery and / or beautification of the periocular area, given its direct relationship with the organ of vision, must be performed by an ophthalmologist, specialized in Oculoplastic Surgery. Here, reconstructive surgeries are performed  to correct eyelid positions such as drooping eyelids, ectropion (eyelid turns outwards)... [+]
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OCULOPLASTY OCULAR DISORDERS CAUSED BY FACIAL PARALYSIS Notwithstanding the few cases caused by this disease, most of them show major eye disorders. The eye blinking deficit, the inability to close the eyelids and mechanical alterations of the facial muscles and eyelids, determine a constant tearing and dryness of the ocular surface and may progress to corneal ulcers, infections and loss of... [+]
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