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Eye Disease
Retinal Detachment
RETINAL DETACHMENT  Immediate attention is required! Retinal detachment affects one in 10,000 people each year. This is a serious eye condition that can occur at any age, but usually tends to occur in middle-aged individuals or people of the third age. It is usually more common in myopic people or those who have previously had a retinal disorder. A strong blow to the eye can also cause... [+]
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TREATMENT OF MACULAR DEGENERATION In recent years, we have observed a very large increase of patients suffering from macular diseases: this is a process that affects the macula of the retina causing loss of central vision.  So far there were not many treatment options and most patients experienced a progressive loss of vision that turn irreversible. At present, there are new therapies... [+]
News & Press
Diabetic Retinopathy is the third leading cause of blindness in the Western world and has recently appeared a new combination of drugs that can help treatment (Somatostatin and Brimonidine), with the advantage that soon may be used topically, in eye drops. Diabetes is one of the major health problems now and has been said that represents a veritable epidemic of the XXI century. We know that... [+]
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